Dog Grooming in Milaca

Has your dog’s coat seen better days? Is it time for a makeover? If the answer is yes, schedule a dog grooming appointment at Mille Lacs Veterinary Clinic at Milaca, where we offer grooming for all of your canine companions. Whether your dog has a need for a basic bath and brush or a full hair cut and style, our professional groomer can meet it. Our dog grooming services include:

  • Shampoo bath
  • Blow dry
  • Custom clips and styling
  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Dematting

If you have any specific requests regarding your four-legged friend, please let us know. Our groomer has 20 years of experience grooming all breeds and hair lengths.

black and white dog

Benefits of Dog Grooming

Having your dog professionally groomed at our Milaca clinic on a regular basis can result in many benefits, such as:

  • A reduction in excessive shedding in your home
  • An overall healthier coat and skin
  • Skin conditions, parasites, and other conditions can be caught and treated right here in our clinic 
  • Excessive matting can be reduced
  • Nail infection as a result of nail splitting or overgrown nails can be prevented with trimming
  • Your dog can look, feel, and smell fresh and clean

And remember, you can brush your dog from home as well, which can help strengthen the human-animal bond. It can also help create a sense of trust. Many dogs also enjoy the feeling of a nice brush against their skin!

Schedule Your Dog’s Makeover

Give us a call today at (320) 983-6303 to schedule your dog’s grooming appointment at Mille Lacs Veterinary Clinic at Milaca today. Your dog will thank you for it! Or, if you just have questions about our grooming services, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer them.